Pete Paine

At first glance the nearly six foot tall, 300-pound wrestler looks menacing. The horrific choice of face paint doesn’t help either. Though, it’s his name that should scare his opponents the most, Pete Paine! And it is pain that he is sure to deliver!

Pete has been wrestling for well over a decade. He is from the Rio Grande Valley of South Texas, a region that rests next to the Mexican border. The location has offered him many opportunities to wrestle in several big cities inside of Mexico.

“When I first started wrestling over there, I kept it pretty close around the Rio Grande River area,” Pete Paine said. “It wasn’t until I was five years in the business, did I start wrestling deeper into the country.”

That particular trip took him just outside of Mexico City with a promotion called Lucha Powerhouse. That experience allowed Pete to emerge himself in the Lucha culture and training. As time passed, he also got booked wrestling on shows for AAA.

When it comes to comparing the wrestling styles in Mexico and in the United States, it’s an obvious difference because Central America holds the Lucha style in high regard.

“I think that I connect with the audience in Mexico better. I don’t feel like I have to wind them up so much. The fans there always seem to be ready for any type of action,” Pete explained. “Especially, when you are an American going over there. The people in the crowd want to see what I can bring to the matchup.”

Pete’s size and strength is his advantage when he steps into the ring with his opponents. However, his ability to be versatile is another strong asset in his arsenal.

Living on the border and taking more bookings in Mexico, has taught Pete that he cannot become complacent. No matter who he is matched up against, Pete will always be ready to go.

“I can adapt. Since I found myself wrestling guys who wrestled with the Lucha style, I learned to wrestle that style too,” Pete added. “Along with that influence I also have my Southern Classic style, so it gives me the confidence to wrestle against anyone.”

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