Smackdown Recap, June 7th 2024

Smackdown results 06/07/24

The opening of the show was a recap video of AJ Styles in ring “Retirement” speech and how, (when he and everyone else didn’t expect it) blindsided Cody Rhodes 


The Bloodline, accompanied by Paul Heyman, entered the ring to address the crowd.

Heyman then proceeded to announce that until Roman Reigns comes back, Solo Sikoa “sits at the head of the table”. No sooner than he finished Kevin Owens stormed down to the ring (by himself) and attacked the Bloodline. After Owens managed to get in a couple of good shots, the numbers were against him and the Bloodline began to deliver a beat down to Owens. 

However after a minute or two the Street Profits ran to the ring to assist Owens and cleared the ring of the Bloodline and a 6 man tag team match was approved for later that evening between The Bloodline and Owens with the Street Profits.



Jade Cargill / Bianca BelAir-women’s tag team champions    vs

Indi Hartwell / Candice LeRea

Alba Fyre & Isla Dawn were we’re watching the match from ringside. 

Winners – Cargill / BelAir

After the champs won Zoey Stark & Shana Bazsler rushed the ring and attacked the champs. The champs fell wayside of the ring and then Fyre & Dawn attacked Stark & Bazsler. At which time the champs came back in the ring and cleared it of everyone.


Match – 2

Johnny Gargano (accompanied by Tomasso Champa).      Vs

Grayson Waller (accompanied by Austin Theory)

This was a great, fast paced match with little interference. However in the end Theory jumped up on the apron to distract Gargano but ended up distracting Waller and Gargano pushed Waller into the ropes knocking Theory off the apron and rolled up Waller for the pin.

Winner- Johnny Gargano.


Apollo Crews was backstage when Angel & Humberto from Legado Del Fantasma attacked Crews and started a beat down. However it was quickly squashed when Nick Aldis with several referees came to the rescue.


The L A Knight came over to Aldis and started complaining that Logan Paul wasn’t here agin this week and wants to know why he keeps ducking from him. At which point Carmelo Hayes came by talking smack again like last week. Knight said he needs an opponent and suggested Hayes and Aldis agreed and made the match official. Hayes was not happy.


During the show the camera would repeatedly go back stage to show Cody Rhodes pacing in wait for AJ Styles to arrive. When Styles finally got there he was flanked by Gallows & Anderson aka The O.C.  Security kept the 2 separated. Cody went to the ring and called out AJ. An entourage of security was between the ring where Cody was, and the top of the ramp where AJ & the OC stood. AJ demanded a match against Cody at Clash at the Castle and Cody said ok but said it would be a “I quit” match. Aldis gave the match a thumbs up. Cody came out of the ring to go after AJ and all hell broke loose. AJ & the OC retreated up the ramp.


Match – 3

L A Knight vs Carmelo Hayes

This was a good clean match with a lot of back n forth. It was fast paced with no interference. In the end Knight got Hayes with a simple roll up pin.

 Winner – L A Knight 


Tiffany Stratton saw Nia Jax back stage and approached her and suggested the 2 of them team up. Saying the “princess & queen” would be unstoppable. Then Stratton walked off leaving Jax with a look on her face of hmmm. 

Then Michin approached Jax with an antagonistic remark and Jax started to decimate her, but backstage staff broke it up immediately.


Bailey can down to the ring to address the crowd about Clash at the Castle when she was interrupted by Piper Niven and Chelsea Greene. They entered the ring and got right up to Bailey. Greene talking smack as she stood behind Niven(as usual) Bailey interrupted Greene and told Niven she didn’t need Greene and that she respected Niven for her career accomplishments. Niven told Bailey that she didn’t care what Bailey thinks of her and that yes she has been winning titles all over Japan and Europe when Bailey was still giving high fives. And that Clash at the Castle she was taking Baileys belt as well.


Match – 4

Kevin Owens & the Street Profits.      Vs

The Bloodline 

Typical 6 man tag match throughout. Both side squared equally from start till almost the finish. Until the end when Owens was outside the ring and Sikoa clobbered Owens with a steel chair and the Bloodline was disqualified. Then it was nothing but Chaos. The Bloodline decimated the Street Profits and they were outside the ring, down and out. Then the numbers turned on Owens and the 3 Bloodline members together, put Owens through the announce table, whilst Paul Heyman held his forehead and a look on his face as if to say… omg, I truly have lost ALL control.

Winners – Kevin Owens & the Street Profits…

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