Remembering Jackie Crockett

This past week we lost Jackie Crockett, who passed away for at 76 years old. Jackie was a member of the famous Crockett family, who successfully ran Mid-Atlantic wrestling and later Jim Crockett promotions for decades.

Jackie Crockett was not as famous as his brother Jim, who was the owner and Television authority figure for the company`s  promotion, or David Crockett who wrestled for the company, before surviving a plane crash, led him to becoming a regular announcer for the promotion the entire time they were on the Superstation. Jackie instead operated behind the scenes as the company`s camera man, a role that he would continue to perform for thirteen years with WCW, after the Crockett`s sold their company to Ted Turner. Jackie Crockett had that role for the entire existence of WCW(1988-2001)

Jackie Crockett role was on the other side of the camera, although he played a very significant role in both Jim Crockett promotions and WCW.  Jackie Crockett will be remembered as a person who put his ego aside, and for decades was quietly one of the people who made the show happen every single week.