Southern States Wrestling, July 6th 2024

The show opens with an as for July 13th’s 33rd annual Summer Bash at the Appalachian Fairgrounds then the introduction. 

Joe Wheeler opens the show and brings in Scott Sterling and says we have new Southern States tag team titles. Scott comes in and has a beautiful looking new championship belt. He just got out of a Board of Directors meeting and they decided sometime this summer they will crown new tag team champions. 

Joe interviews Marty Clay. Says he’s been all over and making a name for himself. He’s meeting the Mega Destroyer. He’s here without the southern states title and it’s got to be on his mind. Clay goes in to talk about Murphy and how he’s escaped with the title. Found a way and he’s going to scratch and claw to get back at the title and it begins tonight meeting the Mega Destroyer. 

Mega Destroyer defeated Marty Clay

Wheeler interviews Trey Chaos and it’s time to find out who’s going to be taking on Wild Bill for the Legacy Championship. The Fixer pats Wheeler on the shoulder and pulls his contract out of his breast pocket and he’s cashing in. chaos throws a fit.  

Wild Bill successfully defends the Legacy title against The Fixer. 

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