NWA Powerrr Recap, Jun 11th 2024

NWA 06/11/24

“Dallas Bound”



Cheese & “the Green Machine” Mike Orlando. Vs 

the Spectaculars (Brady Pierce & Slade)

For the open #16 seed slot.

The match opened with Cheese & Slade. After a few punches from Slade to the Green Machine (who we will reference as GM) Slade tagged Brady Pierce in, with taking full advantage of the 5 count, in order to get in some double team on GM. The “Spectacular” duo kept the momentum going of quick tags and dominating the GM, keeping him on the side of the ring opposite his corner and being able to tag in Cheese. At one point when the GM was on his knees leaning on the ropes, the Spectacular mgr. Rolando, pelted the GM in the face, while Pierce distracted the Referee. The Spectaculars kept the GM from tagging in Cheese for a majority of the match with a couple of near falls on the side. Finally GM caught a break and managed to tag Cheese, who came in with a couple of attempts at a clothesline to Pierce, but failed. Pierce then delivered his own brand of clothesline taking down the big Cheese. With Pierce in the corner, the Cheese gets up and as doing so pulls a couple slices of cheese out of his fanny pack and throws them at Pierce. Unimpressed Pierce grabs the big Cheese and picks him up for what appears to be a body slam but, when he has him up Pierce slips on a piece of cheese and falls with Cheese(the wrestler not the slice) on top of him and Cheese gets the 3 count. And the winners are the “Green Machine” Mike Orlando & Cheese, to get the #16 seed slot to face the #1 seed team Blunt Force Trauma.


Kyle Davis does a couple of short segments with La Rosa Negra & Ruthie J , who said they will be women tag champs.

And then with Ella Envy & Miss Star. Who just boasted greatness.



Max the Impaler & Judias 

With Mgr. the Sinister Minister James Mitchell 

#9 seed.   Vs

The Fixers ( Jay Bradley & Wrecking Ball Legursky) 

the #8 seed.

The match started with Wrecking Ball (WB) and Judias. The 2 behemoths traded several clubbing blows. Judias got WB into their corner and with WB stuck in the opposing teams corner Max & Judias traded tags a couple times to take turns clubbing WB. Finally WB manages to his max with a headbut. When Max hit the mat WB dove to his corner and tagged Bradley in. Bradley grabbed Max and tossed her to the corner & delivered a couple of big boots to the face accompanied by headbuts & a forearm. Max reaches Judias for the much needed tag & Judias comes in, at the same time Bradley tags the WB. Both Judias & WB trade several blows, thenWB grabs Judias and tosses him to the ropes but Bradley pulls the top rope down and Judias goes right over to the floor. As Judias is getting back in the ring & is only 1/2 way in on the apron, Bradley tags WB and he delivers a tremendous elbow drop, a couple of double ax handles and a headbut to the upper back of Judias. After gaining the muster to stand Judias gets up on the apron at which time WB suplexs Judias into the ring, following up with dropping a huge headbut to the chest of the big man & a rake to the eyes. WB then pulls Judias to the Fixers corner & tags in Bradley who comes in with a double ax handle & a flurry of blows. As Judias begins to stand back up he delivers a couple of blows to Bradley. However Bradley manages to grab the leg of Judias & trips him. He then kicks Judias in the solarplexis. Bradley then slams Judias in a neutral corner and climbs up on the 2nd turnbuckles. He jumps off to deliver an elbow drop but Judias rolls outta the way for a big miss. Both competitors get to their corners for a tag & in comes Max & WB. Max gets in several clubbing blows & a clothesline to WB. With WB standing in the corner Bradley jumps in and attempts to splash Max who’s standing in front of WB, but Max moves out of the way & Bradley splashes the WB by mistake dropping WB to the mat. Bradley rolls out of the way towards the middle of the ring & Max delivers a cannonball to the sitting WB. Then a senton bomb to Bradley. Max grabs WB and drags him to her corner & tags Judias in. During the 5 count Max grabs WB & sets him up for her & Judias to double suplex the WB. WB manages to slip away and headbut Max and deliver a chop to Judias. WB tags Bradley in & Judias grabs him and chokeslams him for the pin.

Winners- The #9 seed Max the Impaler & Judias


Kyle Davis grabs an exit interview with S.M. James Mitchell & he claims the Crockett cup will be coming home to Max & Judias.


There was a Cokking with Carson segment with guests the Spectaculars and Rolando. And Joe Alonzo as well. The segment was just a hot mess, as usual.


Kyle interviewed Vampiro which was a a puzzle to figure out what he was saying because he talked in riddles & threatened to beat up Kyle’s parents. Daisy kill just wanted to sing. And who knows what the recitals was mumbling about. And Alex Misery was, well, being Alex Misery.


Match #3

Cheese & Mike Orlando the “Green Machine” . #16 seed vs.

Blunt Force Trauma ,Damage & Carnage,the #1 seed.

The match begins with Damage getting GM in the corner. He hits GM with a flurry of punches & then a boot to the neck. Damage starts choking GM but stops before the 5 count. Damage tags in Carnage  & they both whip GM into the ropes for a double elbow knock. GM rolls to his corner & tags in Cheese. Cheese hits Carnage with a couple punches and then a wind up & a bionic elbow to Damage who was still inside the ropes. Carnage grabs Cheese and slings him into a neutral corner & runs in for a splash but Cheese catches him with a boot. Cheese tags in GM who delivers several shots to the head of Carnage & follows up with a clothesline to drop Carnage to the mat. GM grabs Carnage picks him up and whips him to the ropes on his recoil back GM swings and misses & is now against the ropes. Carnage grabs GM & whips him to the other side of the ring where Damage kicks GM in the back of the head & then clotheslines him to the mat and tags in Damage. Damage drops a couple of double ax handles to the back of GM then tags Carnage back in. Carnage gets GM in their corner & knocks GM to his knees & attempts a choke till the ref starts counting to 5. The ref demands that Carnage gets GM out of the corner. Carnage tags in Damage who delivers a running splash & then a devastating spinebuster. Damage takes him to their corner & tags Carnage. GM slips out of the corner & tries to get to Cheese for a tag but Carnage grabs GMs leg, when he does GM donkey kicks him away & jumps to his corner to tag in Cheese. Cheese hits Carnage with a couple clotheslines then whips him to a neutral corner where Cheese gets up on the middle turnbuckles over Carnage & hits him with 10 head punches. While Carnage stand in the corner dazed, Cheese pulls a couple cheese slices from his fanny pack but before he can do anything with them Damage runs in & hits Cheese in the back of the head.  Then climbs up on the 2nd turnbuckle and drops an elbow on Cheese. Carnage then rolls Cheese up for the 3 count. 


Kyle grabs an exit interview with BFT and Aaron Stevens where Stevens boasts how BFT will win the Crockett cup.

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