Who Killed WCW? Premiere’s Tonight On Vice

Tonight the four part series “Who Killed WCW?” Premieres on Vice at 10pm est. The show was created by Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and will feature the stars of WCW.

VICE released the following press release in May regarding the series.

New York, NY – April 30, 2024 – VICE TV today announced its second collaboration with Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Dany Garcia of Seven Bucks Productions. Who Killed WCW, a groundbreaking docuseries, dives deep into the history, rise, and ultimate demise of World Championship Wrestling (WCW), one of the most influential promotions in the history of wrestling. The new series will premiere exclusively on VICE TV on June 4 at 10:00pm.

“The iconic rise and fall of WCW (World Championship Wrestling) is one of professional wrestling’s most captivating stories – full of big dreams, massive successes, painful failures, and the harsh realities of the pro wrestling business. With wrestling viewership and fan engagement at an ultimate high, there has never been a more perfect time to tell top-quality wrestling stories, and there’s no better one to start with than a one-of-a-kind, behind-the-scenes look at this epic saga, known as The Rise and Fall of WCW and personally, the rise of WCW (not the fall) inspired me greatly early in my career where I would eventually become, the Final Boss,” said Dwayne Johnson, Co-Founder of Seven Bucks.

“Diving into the saga of WCW is not just another project for us; it is an opportunity to highlight our talents as documentary storytellers in a world where we have historical credibility and knowledge: professional wrestling. This project allows us to build a bridge between the passionate global wrestling audience and those curious about an often-misunderstood industry, strengthened by our partnership with a dedicated storyteller in VICE TV,” said Dany Garcia, Co-Founder of Seven Bucks.

Peter Gaffney Interim President of VICE TV said, “VICE TV has always been at the forefront of telling stories from which others shy away. We’re lucky to join forces again with Dwayne and Dany of Seven Bucks. We have unparalleled access to one of the great stories of modern professional wrestling, and we can’t wait for our audience to see it come to life.”

Dwayne Johnson, Dany Garcia, Hiram Garcia, and Brian Gewirtz will executive produce from Seven Bucks alongside VICE TV’s Lee Hoffman, Evan Husney, and Jason Eisener with whom they previously collaborated on VICE’s acclaimed wrestling docuseries Tales from the Territories, featuring wrestling legends sharing stories from when the sport was divided into regional territories. Danny Gabai, Guillermo Garcia, and Paul Taylor executive produce for VICE Studios Canada. Who Killed WCW? is produced by VICE Studios Canada in association with Bell Media’s Crave.

Who Killed WCW? promises to explore the complex factors that led to the promotion’s downfall, including management challenges, creative decisions, and the intense competition during the infamous Monday Night Wars. Featuring exclusive, in-depth interviews with wrestlers, executives, and insiders, the series will shed light never seen before on the personal stories and struggles of those who lived through the rise and fall of WCW.

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