The Coal County Crusher

Harlan, Kentucky may be home to the Poke Sallet Festival, an event that pays tribute to a poisonous weed. However, in the Spring and early part of Summer, the Pokeweed is edible. Locals gather to eat it and share recipes of the popular plant every year.

Harlan hasn’t always been known only for Poke Salad, at one point in our nation’s history it was a large producer of coal. In the 1950s that industry began to decline. Now, the black sedimentary rock only comes up in select conversations. Usually, when people ask about the abandon coal machinery and buildings scattered throughout the region.

Today, one man is determined to put Harlan, Kentucky back on the map. He doesn’t plan to do it with coal mining, but with pro wrestling! That man is The Coal County Crusher and he has been wrestling inside the ring and entertaining fans for the last six years.

“When the coal industry in Harlan has a rise, it’s on top, but when it falls the people here really feel the shockwaves,” The Coal County Crusher explains.

The 20th and 21st century have seen a multitude of wrestling gimmicks. Some are unique and refreshing. While others are obviously reused, recycled, and ripped off from those who have laid the groundwork in building the wrestling business.

Fans that have been following the in-ring sport over a course of decades, can easily spot a lack of originality. Especially, when it comes to deciding on a character. It’s been said, “imitation is the best source of flattery.” In pro wrestling, taking ideas from other wrestlers isn’t uncommon, but it doesn’t always go over too well with its fanbase.

We have seen renditions of Hulk Hogan, Superstar Billy Graham, Kamala, Bull Nakano, and The Nature Boy. Once upon a time, a coal miner in this country was easily spotted. Their work clothes, heavy boots, hard hat, along with soiled hands and faces quickly gave them away. However, finding a mineworker in pro wrestling hasn’t always been possible. Until now!

“My family on my mother’s side was laden with coal miners. I wanted to honor and represent them in the wrestling business,” The Coal County Crusher said. “I hadn’t seen an idea like that being used, so, I wanted to give that a try.”

The Coal Miner Crusher wrestles throughout the Midwest region of the United States. Two states that he frequently wrestles in are Indiana and Kentucky. In Kentucky during the Summer, a company travels to fairs and puts on family friendly shows. Those events always bring in a ton of people and they are always ready to see a fight!

Indiana just doesn’t have basketball fans; they have plenty of wrestling fans as well. One place where you can find the Coal County Crusher is at the Arena, it is where he got his start. It’s located in Jeffersonville, and it is special to him for a couple of reasons. Of course, it feels like a second home to him, but the smell of popcorn in that building takes The Coal County Crusher back to his childhood. The aroma of the freshly popped corn kernels remind him of when he attended his very first wrestling show.  

            “For those who love wrestling, I think that Kentucky and the southern Indiana territories will give the fans what they looking for,” The Coal Miner Crusher continues. “There is something for every fan at the shows in those areas.”