Kaiju Pro Wrestling : Kaiju Rising 03.24.2024 Recap

Uncle Oatis aka Erik Smith sent in the following recap and results from this past weekends Kaiju Pro event “Kaiju Rising”.

Kaiju Pro Wrestling
“Kaiju Rising” 03/24/24
At the Lincoln Ballroom in Bristol,CT.

Southern style Wrassling rules with Bull Dredd as the Head Referee.

Match 1- Pete Corvus vs Danny Atom
When the referee wasn’t looking, Corvus kicked Atom in the crotch, which dropped him to the mat. Corvus covered Atom and got the 3 count for the win.
Time- 8 min & 53 sec.

Match 2- H.A.M the Lucha pig
Vs Cooper Valentine
H.A.M took the win by pinfall in 8min & 58 sec.

Match 3-Red Dog & PJ Savage vs Social Influence
Savage got the win by pinfall for him and Dog.
Time- 9 min & 58 sec.

Match 4- Dajae Simone (w/Dan DeMan in her corner) vs. Amity Levay.
Simone distracted the referee and DeMan jumped in the ring and clotheslined LeVay . Apparently head official Dredd was preoccupied back stage and didn’t catch the cheat. Simone got the pin on LeVay for the win.
Time- 7 min & 37 sec.

Match 5- Ariel & BMT vs the Beasts of Chaos.
During the match BMT got angry and struck referee Jordan Major, which drove Major to the mat. Head referee Dredd called for the bell and disqualified BMT & Ariel giving the win to the Beasts of Chaos.
Time- 10 min & 07 sec.

Match 6- Polar Ephex vs The Throne.(KPW tag team champions)
For the KPW tag team championships.
During most of the match, the 2 members of the Throne we’re fighting with each other more than their opponents. But in the end Daniel Riley handed his tag team partner
L J Lycan a foreign object where Lycan then hit his opponent to the mat. The Throne retained their titles by pinfall.
Time- 15 min & 03 sec.

Match 7- this one was supposed to be for the KPW Phoenix Championship Nahir Robles vs Tiffani Avatar (KPW Phoenix Champ) but Avatar wasn’t medically cleared from a previous injury so the belt was vacated. Mama Kaiju didn’t want to disappoint the fans so she called a fatal 5 way with all the woman on the roster for the belt. The match was Dajae Simone vs Sammy Chaos vs Ariel vs Amity LaVae vs Nahir Robles. In the end Nahir Robles won the match to claim the KPW Phoenix Championship.
Time- 5 min & 49 sec.

Match 6- for the NEW KPW Heavyweight Championship.
Mike Skyros vs Corey Jackson
Jackson took the win over Skyros by pinfall to win the championship
Time- 20 min & 03 sec.

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