WWE RAW Moving To Netflix in 2025

WWE/TKO and Netflix have announced today that Monday Night Raw will move to Netflix as of 2025 for all US, Canada, UK and Latin America viewers. The deal is for $5 billion over a 10 year period.

Apart from RAW Netlix has also gained the rights to Smackdown and NXT in addition to premium live events, documentaries and original programming typically shown on the WWE network. There has been speculation over the last few months that RAW may move nights to not go up against the NFL and fear of losing ratings.

Both Smackdown moving to NBCUniversal and NXT moving to CW happen in October of 2024. The domestic rights for the WWE Network and PLEs, currently with NBCU, is up in March 2026.

Netflix has over 247 million subscribers. This deal will be the first for Netflix in to the live streaming game.

We will have more on this as information comes in.

Sources:WWE.com, Netflix.com